Family Owned: Values & Vision

When Henry A. Jubel founded Spartan Light Metal Products in 1961, he aspired to develop an environment where he could help create value for his customers and share success with his associates by treating them fairly and equitably.

Mr. Jubel believed that machinery and technology weren't going to build the company. Instead, employees with innovative ideas and strong work ethics would put Spartan at the forefront of the die casting industry. Helping customers with their problems was his first dedication.

This dedication lead to the development of B390 wear-resistant aluminum alloy in 1976. By 1978, these strong core values launched Spartan into an industry leadership position as it became the first company in North America to offer commercial magnesium die-cast products.

In the years to follow Spartan has earned many major quality certifications and awards from its customers. The company reached a milestone in 2004 with an exclusive licensing agreement with NASA for the use of MSFC-398.1 aluminum/silicon hypereutectic alloy.

Today, Spartan Light Metal Products continues to be a solutions leader in the design and manufacture of aluminum and magnesium die-casting products and assemblies. The company has associates located in the United States and Asia.

While the size and capabilities of Spartan have grown well beyond what was envisioned by its founder in 1961, there is one thing that remains the same: dedicated and innovative people striving to solve the customer's problem.