Spartan Careers

Since Henry A. Jubel first started Spartan Light Metal Products in 1961 he believed our employees are our most valued resource. Henry developed the Inverted Triangle to show his commitment to creating a culture where the Company officers act as support people to those who actually cast the parts and perform the value-added machining and assembly operations.

At Spartan we pride ourselves on providing an environment that encourages personal and professional growth. Our employees receive training in many areas and can look forward to additional training opportunities as they continue to grow with the company. Your career represents one of the most important investments of time, talent, and energy you will ever make. In short, we want to make the experience as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. Spartan encourages our employees to work to their full potential by using their creativity and innovation.

We believe that developing a mutual interest in our business and working together for individual and team progress requires something of everyone. Positive work attitudes, dependability, effort and caring are all essential in operating a successful business. So whether you are a new Team Member, or have a long association with Spartan, you can count on being an important part of the team.