We're A Solutions Company

Many leading manufacturers want lighter and more durable parts. That's why they partner with Spartan for the development of high-pressure die-cast products in light-weight metals.

With Spartan's unique experience and capabilities, we can help select the appropriate material for your application needs. We also support product design, design validation and product testing.

Product Design, Development, And Testing

Spartan has the capabilities required to design, test manufacture and assemble high-pressure die-cast products that improve durability and reduce weight. We also implement a variety of preproduction testing procedures to ensure the ongoing performance of your products.

There's a lot to gain by reducing product weight.

Spartan has designed and manufactured thin wall, structural parts that are lighter and more durable. As a result of our efforts, vehicles have better fuel efficiency, are easier to stop and have better acceleration. Another benefit is that chain saws, blowers and weed trimmers are lighter and require less physical effort to operate.

Reducing product weight and still maintaining durability requires matching the manufacturer's application needs to the appropriate materials. We use a variety of alloys that include creep resistant magnesium alloys for higher temperature applications and hypereutectic-aluminum alloys for high wear applications.

Specialized Light Weight Materials

Spartan also utilizes low creep aluminum (developed with NASA). It is an ideal high-temperature substitute for cast iron. This alloy offers high-wear resistance/strength at elevated temperatures. Its lighter weight provides critical mass reduction while maintaining or even increasing product performance.

Magnesium is the material Spartan recommends the most for manufacturing the lightest and most durable die-cast products available. This alloy is 34% lighter than aluminum, 74% lighter than steel, 100% recyclable (unlike plastics) and provides a longer tool life compared to aluminum.

In some applications, Spartan has been able to substitute magnesium for aluminum, with no change in total cost or loss of performance, while generating weight savings of 35% to 50%.

Improving durability. Reducing leaks

A key benefit Spartan provides is the technological expertise to design and manufacture custom aluminum and magnesium die-cast products that reduce engine oil leaks and seal failures. Increased product durability can lead to a reduction in warranty claims.

Our expertise is ideal for pressure-tight applications requiring a lightweight, thin wall product and pressure-tight, leak-free sealing system. For structural applications, we can produce a lightweight product that maintains its strength integrity under load.

For wear resistant applications that include hydraulic pump bodies, cylinder liners, or small engine and transmission components, our experience with the B390 aluminum/silicon hypereutectic alloy and the high-temperature MSFC-398.1 offers a broad range of solutions.

To learn more about our custom alloy, high-pressure die-cast capabilities, contact us today.